Have to work the week of the Fourth of July? Me, too. Wondering how you’re going to get everything prepared for that cookout, party, or get together? Pondering what you can fix that’s quick, easy, AND healthy?

Here are some ideas for some Quick & Easy Sides and Salads. Some are healthy, some not as much (in case you prefer to splurge).

Want a quick and easy dessert that’s festive as well? Check out this recipe for Lemon Berry Trifle.

Contract CRAWhile we’re taming your fear that you won’t have time to prepare for the Fourth, let’s tackle some fears in other areas of your life. Read our article on Overcoming the Fear of Interviewing, and follow our interview tips  as well as our job seeker tips.

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Have a safe, happy, and healthy Fourth!

Written by: Malaika Pickell

Investing in a Lifetime of Success,

Angela Roberts

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